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Add Permanent Makeup to Your Beauty Regimen

You're a woman who likes to look her best when she leaves home. That means spending an uncertain amount of time in front of the mirror. To help reduce your preparation time, Janet Wix offers permanent makeup, eyebrow, enhancement, and much more. She has 40 years of experience, so depend on her to make you look stunning.

10 Excellent Reasons for Permanent Makeup:

1. Convenience, When You Need More Time
2. Allergies to Ordinary Makeup or if You Have Sensitive Skin
3. Eye Issues Such as Prescription Glasses, Contact Lens, or if You Had Lasik Surgery
4. Arthritic or Painful Hands
5. Difficulty Applying Makeup or You Do Not Like the Way it Runs, Creases, or Smears on Your Face
6. Aging Changes in Brows, Lips, or Eyes
7. Active Outdoor Lifestyles
8. Natural, if You Prefer a "No Makeup" Look
9. Lost Hair due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Accidents, Burns, or Cosmetic Surgery
10. Replacement of Skin Colors or Areola Restoration.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Is Also Available


Are your eyebrows barely there? Janet Wix uses a variety of techniques to make your eyebrows stand out and complement your eyes. Enhancive services include:

• Powdered Hair Strokes

Your Custom Beauty Treatment

Attract attention wherever you go with help from Janet Wix. Based on your needs and requests, she makes you feel confident about your appearance with beauty services that include:

• Eyeliner
• Lip Liner
• Full Lip Color
• Areola Restoration
Scar Camouflage
Hair Replacement Scar Camouflage
Eyelash Extensions