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"I am extremely happy with my permanent makeup (brows and eye-liner). For years I have not allowed anyone to see me without makeup and this process has allowed me to have more confidence in my appearance. I now save hours of time not having to fully make up my face before I leave the house in the morning. Janet was wonderful and explained the whole process in detail. She took much patience and time with the procedure and continually made sure I was comfortable. Janet is extremely professional in her approach and was very helpful in suggesting makeup and skin care. I highly recommend her services and will seek her out when I am ready for touch-ups or further enhancements."
......signed "Confident in Tallahassee"

"I can play tennis, swim and greet unexpected visitors at my door without concern that my eyeliner or eye brows are not absolutely perfect! Just after my tennis match, my eyeliner and brows have not run nor have they been wiped off as a result of perspiration. I can swim in the pool without fear of water splashing my eyeliner and brows off!"

"My eyes look beautiful and my makeup is great! No more worries about allergies to traditional makeup! No more ugly liner and mascara clumps in the corners of my eyes!"

My eyeliner and brows are perfect! No more crooked lines due to bifocal difficulties when I put on my eyeliner and brows!

"My lip line is restored! Scars from fever blisters distorted by lip line. Permanent lip liner restored the natural lip line! Now I just add a lip gloss and go!"

My son and I always play ball in the yard and my eye brow pencil would roll down my eyes when I perspired. It was quite embarrassing to me. I am very fair and my eyebrows were non-existent. Permanent eyebrows have made a huge difference and allow me to enjoy activities with my son and his friends.

"One of my brows was significantly smaller than the other. Janet corrected this for me with permanent makeup. They are now symmetrical and look very natural!"

My eyelash extensions are fabulous!! Everywhere I go, I am always complimented on my eyes and my lashes! Thanks to Janet for her expert application and private label products!